Hi, my name is Georgie and I started this company because I finally figured out an easy breakfast that worked for my husband’s hypoglycemia.

My husband and I started dating and moved in together during Covid. I hated the fact that he was always resorting to keto cereal to start his day - it’s fairly processed and it didn’t even keep him full for long! I wanted to do better, and make him a breakfast that was wholesome, kept him full for hours and was quick to make during our busy schedules.

So I started experimenting and finally landed on a chia pudding recipe that he liked to eat and didn’t spike his blood sugar. Eventually I would meal prep this mix at the beginning of the week so he could take it to work with him every day. I would also throw the mix into plastic sandwich bags and take it on vacation with us because we never know what will be available for him to eat around the hotel first thing in the morning. At some point I was making it so much, and lugging around so many plastic bags, that I wished I could just buy it at a store instead of having to prep it and travel with it.

And this is how the idea came about! We found a healthier alternative to instant oatmeal or breakfast cereal, that’s just as quick. And now we want to share it with the world!

Try it out, and let me know what you think! I’m always open for feedback - just use the contact page to get in touch.